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Refrigerator Service in Anna Nagar

MR Engineer provides best experienced refrigerator technicians. Our refrigerator service costs are very competitive and also we provide 180 Days warranty on our service. Our inspection charge is the lowest in market. If you are booking fridge service with MR Engineer, you will not have to worry about quality of work and after service support, we provide excellent customer support.

All refrigerator technicians could not service all kind of fridge models and brands, some technicians not familiar with certain brands, most refrigerator technicians do not have expertise in latest model refrigerators. At MR Engineer we have technicians to service all kind of refrigerators, based on your model and brand we will send the experienced technicians to your door-step.

We have refrigerator technician to fix all kind of models such as double door, single door, top-mount, bottom-mount, side-by-side etc…

Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar

Awesome Features

Lowest inspection Charge

If you are availing the service, no inspection charge only pay the service charge, Incase not availing the service you have to pay the inspection charge of Rs.49

180 Days warranty

All appliance services are covered by 180 Days warranty any issues with in our warranty period please reach us immediately

Trusted technicians

MR Engineer provides services only from trusted technicians.

Transparent pricing

Get a complete rate card before availing the service, no more surprises on pricing. No hidden charges, you would know your options.

Pay after service

We go the extra mile for our customer's convenience with multiple payment modes-choose to pay before or after availing the services, either online or offline.

Excellent customer support

You can rely on us for any service assistance. We would be glad to answer your queries via call or e-mail reach us. We would love to hear from you.

Best Refrigerator Service In Anna Nagar

We are No. 1 Refrigerator Service team in Anna Nagar. All our client who availed Refrigerator service from us. Never change the Refrigerator service to other team.

As we are providing best Refrigerator services all our clients gives excellent feedback to us. We delight with our happy customers.

We know how best timely Refrigerator service required for the needy people. Nowadays in almost in all home both husband and wife going to works. So preparing all the food required daily manner it’s impossible. So we fully depends on Refrigerator. Which can keep our food ready and also hygiene all the time.

If anything went wrong in Refrigerator we need immediate services. As even slight delay can spoil all the food stored in that. As we knew your urgency for the Refrigerator service. Giving our quick and best Refrigerator service in your door step.

Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar

Experienced Refrigerator Repair Services

We are providing timely, quality and low cost Refrigerator repair service in Anna Nagar. It’s very important to give your Refrigerator repair work to experts in the City. If you give it to the less experienced team. They may further damage your Refrigerator and cause further expenditure to you.

Our Refrigerator repair service will be quality one and also will charge you less. More to that after checking we will clearly explains the problems. And Based on your choice will do the Refrigerator repair.

Our Refrigerator repair charge will not break your heart. Instead make you happy and stress free.

All the refrigerator repair will not cost lot. So no need to worry when your Refrigerator not functioning well.

World Class Fridge Service In Anna Nagar

We are providing world class Fridge Service in Anna Nagar. As our service team got many years of experience in Fridge Service. Most of our clients always praise us for our timely, quality, low cost Fridge Service.

They used to say us, we are the God’s of Fridge Service. As we used to find simple solutions for their Fridge Service needs. Mostly we used to get new clients through existing client’s referrals. One thing we always sure about it, until we give best Fridge Service, no need to worry about getting new clients. Call us to experience the World class Fridge Service in Anna Nagar.

World class Fridge Service: Don’t think we are saying this word for sake of advertisement. Really we are providing world class Fridge Service. Please check our customer feedback Videos and call us for service.

Urgent Fridge Service: Always Fridge Service is urgent. Our life style make that as urgency always. As both husband and wife working, we can’t go to shop every day. Simply we don’t have time. So storing more food in Fridge. If our fridge got any problem, we can’t wait for Fridge service provider. As the food will go waste, if we are not quickly complete the Fridge service.

Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar
Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar

Experience The First Class Fridge Repair

Fridge repair definitely make you upset. We knew that as our life style fully depends on Fridge. However you no need to worry about the Fridge Repair as we are here to help you always.

We are best, experienced, skilled and trained in Fridge Repair. Our expert team always will be near you as we have many Fridge repair outlook near by areas in all over the Anna Nagar.

Our Fridge Repair service just a call away. Make a call and leave the Fridge Repair problem with us and relax. Our experienced team will handle your Fridge repair with upmost care and fix it quickly without burning your pocket and wallet.

Talk to our expert team and give us a chance to help you in Fridge Repair. If you try once, never will change the Fridge repair service vendor. Call and experience the first class Fridge Repair services in Anna Nagar.

Experienced Fridge Mechanic With Us

We have Experienced, skilled, trained and professional Fridge Mechanic with us. So our Fridge Mechanic will solve all your Fridge problem quickly timely, skillfully and elegant manner.

You can save more time and money, if you try our Fridge Mechanic for your Fridge Repairs and Fridge Services. As we have city’s top most experienced Fridge Mechanic with us, we are being God father of Fridge Mechanic field in Anna Nagar.

We knew how awful you feel when you have bad experience with less experienced Fridge Mechanics. So we have tested all our Fridge mechanics before appoint them as Fridge Mechanics.

No.1 Fridge Mechanic team in Anna Nagar: Experience makes difference in the Fridge Mechanics. Fridge mechanism should be handled with utmost care. We have got 10 years experienced Fridge Mechanic crew with us.

Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar
Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar

Refrigerator Maintenance

Refrigerator Maintenance plays major role in extending life time of your Refrigerator. More to that choosing best Refrigerator Maintenance team always plays vital role in extending your Refrigerator life time.

Replacing Refrigerator in few years of usage is painful. We knew how you feel when your brand new Refrigerator low performing in few years. We are providing world class Refrigerator maintenance service for low cost with experienced Refrigerator mechanics.

Speak to our Refrigerator Maintenance team before choosing any other service team in Anna Nagar.

Fridge Freezer Repairs Specialist In Anna Nagar

We are Fridge Freezer Repairs specialist in Anna Nagar. Our Fridge technicians are qualified, skilled, trained and Experienced in the Fridge Mechanic field. Experience makes difference in our Fridge Freezer Repairs service compare to other competitors.

Fridge Freezer Repairs should be handled with utmost care. As even slight mistake can spoil the micro mechanism in that. Always give your branded Fridge to the branded Fridge Freezer Repair provider in the City.

We are top most skilled team for Fridge Freezer Repairs service in Anna Nagar. Call us and experience the best Fridge Freezer Repairs team work by yourself.

Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar

Fridge Repair Near Me

Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar

Mostly people try to find the Fridge Repair near them. Because they believe if they get service from near by Fridge Repair service provider vendor. They can ask them, in case again they get the problem.

We are having our service all over Anna Nagar city. So if you check Fridge Repair Near me, definitely our Fridge Repair service will pop up to you. Always you can reach us in case if you get same problem again.

However if you get same Fridge Repair within six month of our Fridge Repair service then you no need to pay us. We are giving this promise with confident manner as our Fridge Repair specialist work in the way that same mistake will not repeat again.

Common Refrigerators issues


“Technician is Very sincere and good. Your service is the fastest than others. Satisfied.Thank u”



“Overall good work done by the technician. Will recommend your service to friends and relatives”



“The service was very good neat and excellent on time, will appreciate very much will recommend service tree good service with low inspection charges the technicians are humble and polite good customer support quick response to customer”



“The service person is so good and friendly and done a good service.Wish you the team all the best”




Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar
Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar
Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar
Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar
Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar
Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar

Refrigerator Service Charges in Anna Nagar

Refrigerator Services Price
Refrigerator service Charges Fridge service (Per visit Inspection charge) ₹ 49

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Refrigerator Repair Services in Anna Nagar

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